First photos of Gary Player posing for ESPN’s The Body Issue

There are few people at the age of 77 that would strip down for any photo, much less one that would be circulating to millions of people around the world, but most aren't nicknamed Mr. Fitness.

That's Gary Player, a nine-time major championship winner and South African Sportsman of the Century last time the award was given out, and man that has spent his whole life spreading the knowledge of fitness well before every corner you turned had a new Crossfit gym popping up.

Player is known to do 1,000 situps and pushups each morning, even at 77, and decided to be included in ESPN's annual "Body Issue," gracing the cover as you see above.

Now, time to go hit the gym! If a 77-year-old man can look like that, I can definitely do something to better sculpt my lats.

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