First big sponsor to return to Tiger Woods’ side? Rolex

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When infidelity hit Tiger Woods two years ago, sponsors couldn't run away faster from the once endorsement king. He lost Gatorade, Gillette, Tag Heuer, Buick and Accenture, and the only thing we've seen Tiger pushing lately besides Nike is a Japanese pain rub, but that's all changed with the latest announcement that Rolex is back with Tiger after parting ways in 2002, a partnership that started in 1997 when Woods turned professional.

Tiger initially parted ways with the timeless watch company because of the deal he landed from Tag, but he's back, and he isn't alone. Rolex has a handful of huge names in golf under its umbrella, including Phil Mickelson, Luke Donald, Martin Kaymer, Adam Scott, Rickie Fowler, Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson.

It really makes sense for both involved. Rolex now gets basically every big golfer on the planet sporting its timepieces, and Tiger gets as respected a name as there is out there under his wing, which has to be good for his fleeting image.

Also, bravo to both on the announcement time. Tiger is teeing it up this week at the Open and will be able to dodge a lot of those questions he hates by talking about this new partnership.

No word yet on where Rolex will be on Tiger (besides, of course, his wrist), but it wouldn't surprise me if it was now plastered directly on his golf bag. Right now, that expensive property belongs to

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