Finchem to PGA Tour: Sorry I let Tiger walk all over you guys

The Tiger Woods scandal is like ebola, starting small and then utterly obliterating everything in its path, innocent and guilty alike. When this is all over, nobody -- Tiger, Elin, the media, the audience, the PGA Tour, nobody -- is going to come out looking better than they did going in. (Tiger's children excepted, as they should be. Always.)

Anyway, just as Tiger is trying to rehabilitate his image, there are plenty of other people who'll have to do a little PR management themselves. High on that list is PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem, who's been accused of everything from coddling to catering to covering up for Woods.

Finchem found himself right in the middle of the Woods mess, yet again, over the past few days when he permitted Woods to use PGA Tour HQ for his little "press" "conference" on Friday. But in so doing, Finchem let Woods roll right over the players who were playing in the Accenture Match Play Championship. And now, he regrets it:

"In hindsight, we should have pushed the thing along in a way to get the players briefed before they went into their Wednesday matches, some so they’re not coming out of a match and getting hit with all these Tiger questions," he said. "We just screwed up on that. That’s just a screw-up on my part. You can never communicate too much in this business, and when you don’t, you usually pay a price. And that was a good example."

Finchem reiterated that Tiger's absence from the Tour is not a silent suspension. (Which would lead some to wonder, why not?) And although he's saying the right things now, it's well after the fact -- and it'll be interesting to see how he accommodates Tiger once Mr. Woods finally decides to return to the course. My guess? He'll be like the guys holding the light-up popsicle sticks that guide in runways.

Finchem takes blame for not properly briefing players [AP via Golf Channel]

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