Final round tape delay shows the pointlessness of FedEx Cup

This might be it for the FedEx Cup for me. I've tried my hardest to give it a chance, and although I've been skeptical of it from the get-go, the news that the final round of the Tour Championship will be tape delayed on NBC should be it for all golf fans.

All year we see commercials about "the race to the FedEx Cup." The Golf Channel anchors are forced to talk about it like it's the World Cup, and we are made to believe that every golfer on the PGA Tour circles this weekend as their one last chance at glory.

Obviously none of that is true. None of it. If the FedEx Cup mattered at all, we'd at least get live coverage of the stupid thing. Nope. The final round of the final tournament, where a handful of guys have a chance to walk away with the $10 million prize won't even be shown live.

The reason for the early start is thunderstorms in the Atlanta area, but if all these outlets are going to shove this thing in our face for nine months, they better find a way to give us at the edge of our seat a chance to see who can actually do this in real time. Instead, we can read about it, and then watch the "drama" unfold on NBC later that day.

It's ridiculous, but it's a perfect example of just how incredibly pointless the FedEx Cup really is. The players care about four events called majors. They want to win the other big tournaments, like the Memorial and Bay Hill, and anyone would love to snag an extra eight figures before the season ends. But it isn't really that important. It obviously isn't.

I have an idea for 2011. Since the FedEx Cup really "heats up" during football season, why not have the events end on Monday. Sure, people are at work during that time, but it would at least give these tournaments a chance to shine without interference.

This is the point where I write something like, "things need to change ... something has to be done," but really, does anyone care? It's an attempt to make post-major golf interesting, and it has failed. Whatever changes they make won't help. Tiger Woods being in the field wouldn't help. It just isn't that interesting.

We root for Tiger in majors because it is a chase against history. The FedEx Cup will never be relevant to the history of golfers because none of the people before them had a chance at it. It's merely a failed project that needs to go away, much like the XFL experiment.

Someone wake me up when the Ryder Cup kicks off.

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