FedExCup profiles: No. 2, Tiger Woods

Devil Ball Golf

Were it not for the guy at No. 1, we'd be calling this a full-fledged Tiger rebirth. After the hydrant, after the injuries, after two lackluster years in which he looked lost and out of place on tour, Tiger Woods came through in a big way in 2012, winning three times. He passed Jack Nicklaus for all-time tour wins with 74, and now trails only Sam Snead's 82.

But ... ah, but. That pesky major curse continued to dog Tiger, as his weekend woes overwhelmed chance after chance to win on golf's biggest stages. Could this year's second-tier (relatively speaking) tournament wins pave the way for a breakthrough majors season in 2013? Perhaps, perhaps.

Before then, though, there's work to be done. He's won the FedExCup playoffs twice before, in 2007 and 2009. He can win the whole deal yet again with a win at East Lake, and has a good shot of winning even if he finishes top 3. In fact, he can finish as low as sixth and still have a mathematical chance of winning outright. But he's going to want to take this one in grand style. We shall see.

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