FedExCup profile: No. 4, Phil Mickelson

We're running down the players with a chance at the FedExCup, and here we are: the fabled top five. These guys control their destiny; if they win the Tour Championship, they win the FedExCup, no matter what anybody else does. Let's continue the countdown with a guy who was completely out of the FedExCup picture a month ago.

Phil Mickelson is used to pulling off the utterly impossible on the golf course. The pine straw shot at the Masters? Yep. The one-in-a-million flop shot? Of course. And how about this shot that nearly took off Dave Pelz's head? Just another ho-hum number from "Phil the Thrill."

With the Tour Championship starting this week, you're probably wondering why I'm pulling old Mickelson footage out of the archives with the FedExCup on the line. I'm doing it to prove a point. Just when you think Mickelson doesn't have "that shot," he finds a way to prove us wrong. He's done it time and time again over his career, making us look silly on numerous occasions.

Well, he did it again this year, looking dead in the water just weeks before the playoffs started with only one top-10 finish since May. We all doubted if he had anything in the tank, questioned where his game was going ... and then he turned it around.

Currently No. 4 in the FedExCup standings, Mickelson controls his own destiny at the Tour Championship following a T-4 at the Deutsche Bank and T-2 at the BMW Championship. He's on a roll at the right time, and while it seems ludicrous to go against Rory McIlroy given the run he's on at the moment, you can't help but wonder if Mickelson's going to pull this off again.

He has a mathematical chance to win the FedExCup with a second-place finish, but knowing Phil, he's going for it this week. The big question that remains is if he can pull it off. Doubt Mickelson if you want, but looking back at what he's pulled off over his career, you're doing it at your own risk.

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