The FedEx Cup’s top five were an almost total washout

Devil Ball Golf

Nothing's ever easy in golf, and apparently all you need to do to send some guys screaming for the hills is tell them they "control their own destiny" to win $10 million. Let's not even try to put on an act here; if it were any of us in the hunt for that kind of cash, we'd probably figure a way to finish outside the top 30 in a 30-player field. But hey, we're not pros, and these guys are.

When the Tour Championship began a few days back, five gentlemen had a chance to walk away with the big $10 million prize with no help from anyone else in the field: Webb Simpson, Dustin Johnson (both pictured), Justin Rose, Luke Donald and Matt Kuchar.

Hopefully most of them didn't start making plans for spending that cash, because with the exception of Donald, all four of them absolutely fell apart in ugly fashion, finishing 20th or below.

What's that mean for the state of golf today? Not much that we didn't already know, honestly. It's not that these guys are chokers in the clutch, though Kuchar's second straight rotten Tour Championship ought to raise some eyebrows. No, the issue more is that golf is so hypercompetitive right now that no lead, whether in a tournament, a playoff or a season-long competition, is safe.

The FedEx Cup may never have the honest drama of, say, a Solheim Cup, but as long as players keep coming up big at the right times and small at the wrong ones, it'll have plenty of storylines all its own. And while every tournament has far more sad endings than happy ones, this one will have plenty that will stick with the players for a long, long time.

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