FedEx Cup contenders: Nick Watney, Robert Allenby, Ryan Moore

The FedEx Cup championship is here, and over the next week we'll be running down the competitors, day by day, rank by rank. So, no excuse for not knowing who these guys are now. We continue our countdown:

28. Nick Watney

Season so far: The PGA Championship was supposed to be Watney's big breakout, but his Sunday lead evaporated with a miserable 81 on the final day. Other than that, not much to speak of -- he had six top-10s, led by a fourth-place finish at the Transitions, and made the cut in 19 of 22 events.

Career record in FedEx play: Watney played quite well last year, finishing 12th overall. It was quite the step up from the previous two years, when he finished 109th and 41st, respectively. Can he continue the trend this year?

His chances in the FedEx Cup in 2010: As with most of the guys in the 20s, Watney has little chance to take down the big prize. But as he showed at Whistling Straits, he's got the game to get to the top of a tough leaderboard. Now he has to figure out how to stay there.

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27. Robert Allenby

Season so far: Things started well enough for Allenby, as he notched a second-place finish at the Sony Open and a tie for 9th at the Famers Insurance Open. (Though it's possible the new grooves had something to do with how low those finishes were.) From there, things got a bit rockier; he placed second in the Players, but never got higher than 27th at any of the majors. He hasn't finished higher than 24th in any of the three playoff events.

Career record in FedEx play: Allenby fell short of East Lake last year, finishing 43rd, but made the first two tournaments, closing at 19th and 23rd in 2008 and 2007.

His chances in the FedEx Cup in 2010: Allenby's inconsistency this year kept him from placing higher in the FedEx Cup rankings, but the chances that he can uncork a good weekend keep him in the hunt for the Tour Championship.

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26. Ryan Moore

Season so far: Oh, it was so close to being a breakout year for Moore. He put together five top-10s, including a second-place finish at the AT&T and a tie for third at the BMW. Mr. Go-His-Own-Way made the cut in 16 of 23 events, but played well enough in those events to keep himself in the FedEx hunt.

Career record in FedEx play: This marks Moore's first trip to East Lake, as he's never finished higher than 47th in FedEx play. That came last year; in the previous years, he finished 87th and 52nd. So he'll be enjoying himself.

His chances in the FedEx Cup in 2010: Moore is still not quite at the point where he's a breakout star, but he can always pop up at any time to threaten. His casual demeanor will serve him well at a tournament where pretty much everyone above him will be tense and tight.

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