Fan makes 95-foot putt at Auburn basketball game to win a new car

You know what would make your first college basketball game a lot better? Getting picked out of the crowd to attempt a putt the length of the floor for a new car and making it despite the fact that you've never really golfed in your life.

Yes, that happened this weekend at an Auburn home game, when Patrick Burch got pulled out of the crowd to attempt the full court putt despite not being a golfer at all.

According to Joel Erickson, Burch was attending his first ever college game when Auburn hosted Mississippi State, and hit the putt with a pretty solid amount of speed. No matter, as the putt disappeared through the cardboard cutout hole, winning himself $15,000 towards a new car from Lynch Toyota.

We've seen plenty of full court shots this year from fans, but this is definitely the first full court putt we've seen go in.

Good read, Patrick!

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