A fan gets the full Arizona treatment at the Accenture Match Play

One of the funny things about living in Arizona is the questions you get. People ask all the time "how many rattlesnakes do you see when you golf?!," expecting the answer to be two or three a round (in reality it's about one a year, if that).

They also tend to ask about Jumping Cholla. These cacti will "jump" in a sense if you get too close to them, and one fan at the Accenture Match Play found that out the hard way.

Rory McIlroy was playing his opening match on Wednesday at Dove Mountain when his ball came to rest against a rock. McIlroy took a swipe at the ball, instantly reacted like his ball might have hit someone, and the result was one man covered in cacti.

Yes, that is the result of a man that fell into a cactus, and while I've see a cholla or two get on a friend's pant leg, I've never seen a man totally covered in the plant.

I think this is the time that Rory passes on the traditional signed golf glove and go buy this man a couple of beers. At least that will help sooth what was definitely a miserable experience after the cameras left.

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