This EZee golf club is probably not going to make it past the USGA

You know what the hardest part about golf is? Swinging the club consistently, so why not skip that part completely? EZee golf allows you to do so by pulling some trigger and propelling the golf ball down the fairway, or at the green, without making a swing at all.

The video was posted a year ago on YouTube, and as Geoff Shackelford points out, is not an April Fools Joke at all, but a real thing you can buy and use to play "golf."

I'm not sure what my favorite part of this video is, but it might be the conversation that an agent had with these actors to appear in the video. "Yeah, it's a golf product." "Well, I don't play golf." "That actually won't be a problem."

(You can have one of these bad boys for just a slim $799, or the whole set that lands a price tag of $999)

Update: Twitter follower @_MPY_ let us know that the old TV show "Home Improvement" actually had this same idea years ago, with an interesting guest star to show off. Of course we found video of it below ...

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