Expensive trip

It's one thing to lose a match to Jonathan Byrd. Byrd is a very talented player. It's quite another, however, to be six down after 12 holes, and appear as if you would rather be anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere than the Dove Mountain Gallery Golf Club in Arizona.

Of course, we will never really know what Ernie Els was thinking during his horrendous performance Wednesday afternoon. I can, however, give a rough estimate of what he spent for his misery.

Jet fuel and maintenance on a G-V, for starters, runs about $5,000 per flying hour, with round trip flights from London to Arizona a minimum of 10 hours in the air. For those counting, that's 50 grand. Throw in caddy fees, condo rental and tips to the locker room attendants and, well, it's the equivalent of purchasing a new Cadillac Escalade, driving it to the airport, and abandoning it.

The question in recent weeks related to the Big Easy has been: Would Els be able to recover after the way he squandered the Dubai tournament to Tiger Woods?

I think we know the answer.

Steve Eubanks is a bestselling author and former PGA golf professional.

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