Every golf course could use Rickie Fowler’s alter ego, Dick Fowler, P.I.

We've all played golf with that guy, the one that either doesn't know the rules or simply doesn't care about them. He doesn't rake the bunkers, doesn't repair his divots, doesn't fix pitch marks and the green and definitely doesn't care about how your golfing experience goes.

He's the man that can tarnish a relationship on the golf course simply by being himself.

If Dick Fowler, P.I., was around, that would never happen.

Rickie Fowler and Farmers Insurance have teamed up for some entertaining advertisements that have the 24-year-old roam golf courses in search of rules violators and annoying playing partners.

The above one, with Fowler forcing the guy to eat his own divot, is my favorite, but the one below with the guy on his cell phone is probably more realistic these days considering how impossible it is to go two holes without checking your Instagram.

Also, note to Rickie, or Dick, or whoever - that 'stache is money. I expect to see it return in November.

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