European Tour player bitten by snake, still cards birdie

All that talk about golfers not being tough? Yeah, trot this story out the next time your pal says football players are icons of toughness. When's the last time Peyton Manning got bitten by a snake on the field, huh?

That exact trauma befell European Tour player Melissa Reid, who was playing last weekend at the Sanya Ladies Open in China. In the midst of a 3-under round, Reid felt a sharp pain in her ankle, and -- well, let's just let her caddie, Lee Griffiths, take it from here:

“We were on the 16th and Mel said, ‘Oh my God, Lee, I’ve been bitten by a snake!’ It was about six foot and jumped at her out of the grass from behind a drain. I saw its fangs and I said, ‘I can see it’s bitten you because you’re bleeding. We had reassurance from the green-keeper that it’s not deadly."

Oh, good thing, the whole not-deadly business and all. After a doctor attended to Reid, she calmly chipped to within 6 feet of the hole and sank the birdie putt.

The snake, alas, remains at large.

[Visor tip: Waggle Room.]

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