ESPN and NBC will now show Ryder Cup live on Saturday

Good news for all those Americans up in arms because the second round of the Ryder Cup would be tape delayed; ESPN and NBC have decided to show all the golf on Saturday live.

Because of rain delays on Friday that have pushed the matches back considerably, ESPN will be showing live golf early Saturday morning from 2:30-8 a.m. ET and NBC will then pick up the golf, live as well, from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. ET. NBC will show live golf Sunday from 4 a.m. ET until play concludes.

The decision to change it is obviously due to weather, but you'd have to think after all the backlash NBC got for making the tape-delay decision, this was an easy out for it to get back to giving the American public what they want.

While the rain delay spoiled things for Friday, you can go ahead and thank it for giving us live golf over the weekend.

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