Ernie Els admits that everyone is sick of answering Tiger questions

Most likely you're sitting at a job right now doing some work. You have a task and you are trying to complete it before the five o'clock bell rings. It's your life. Now, imagine every few minutes you get an e-mail from someone asking about a coworker of yours. Not really a coworker you know so well, but questions keep flooding in. "How is he on the weekends?" "Have you seen him take extra bathroom breaks?" "Did you know all along that he's a smoker?"

That's the life of PGA Tour stars not named Tiger Woods. Anytime they get to an event, the questions roll in about Mr. Woods, even when they have nothing to add. Ernie Els, the winner of this year's WGC-CA Championship, admitted it has become distracting and he wishes the questions would stop about Tiger. The answers continue to stay the same.

"It's very difficult to talk about Tiger Woods, as I know him as a golfer and a pretty good friend," Els said. "It's basically affected a lot of lives on tour, as well, because of the constant questioning that we have to answer about a fellow player's private life.

"We cannot give you insight because we don't know. I'd love everybody to stop asking questions about Tiger and his personal life. That's his life. Go ask him."

Els is generally known as one of the nicer lads on tour, so if he is fed up with this, it probably means the questions need to stop.

That being said, everyone knows Tiger is the biggest story in golf, on and off the course, and no matter what is actually happen with birdies and bogeys, the public wants to hear about Woods all day, everyday.

The only way Tiger questions will cease is the moment Tiger steps up to the podium (scheduled for Monday of Masters week), answers some of the questions we've all wanted to hear, and then goes out and plays golf.

Until then, Ernie better expect more of the same from the media.

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