Is Elin moving on from Tiger with a new gentleman? Could be

Disclaimer: This story has nothing to do with golf as a sport. Nothing at all. Knowing this, if you continue to read on and expect golf, you will be disappointed. Fair warning. OK? Let's roll.

In recent weeks, we've shown you Tiger Woods' shiny new $50 million bachelor pad. Woods also seems to be getting his game back, and the TV ratings show that millions are ready to forgive, forget and watch him challenge for wins in tournaments again.

Of course, Woods isn't the only one involved in all this, and he's also not the only one moving on. Reports are trickling in from various sources that Tiger's ex-wife Elin Nordegren is also putting the entire Escalade Incident in her rear-view mirror. The British newspaper The Sun has reported that Nordegren has met a new man, described as a "35-year-old South African," at the college in Florida where both are presently studying. (Nordegren revealed a few months back that she is studying psychology, and is a few dozen hours short of an undergraduate degree.)

The National Enquirer -- which demands at least a bit of credibility since, as you'll recall, it broke the initial story that set TransgressionGate in motion -- claimed that the man "suddenly and impulsively kissed her while walking her back to her car in the school parking lot."

In fact, the Enquirer has gone a step further than that, saying that Elin wants to start a family and that Woods is "crushed that she is moving on so soon," according to one of those fabled "anonymous sources." Both stories are peppered with such sources, which means you should feel free to completely disregard any of this.

Still, Elin Nordegren is 30 years old and, thanks to a reported $100 million divorce settlement, wealthy beyond compare. Of course she's going to have gentlemen callers lining up for the pleasure of courting her. For their sake, it's probably better if they don't golf. No need to bring another set of clubs into the relationship.

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