Dream matchups for the Accenture

We all dream. Some about wealth, others about love and most about really crazy stuff that doesn't make any sense. With this week being the always entertaining Accenture Match Play, we at Devil Ball thought it would be fun to pick which matches, both plausible and not so plausible, would be the most entertaining to see.

Here are the top three.

3.) Anthony Kim versus Robert Allenby -- The good news? This one could actually happen, albeit unlikely. Kim is the seven seed in the Bobby Jones Division (Ed Note: How corny are the bracket names? I'm partially surprised they didn't go "Bogey Division"), while Allenby is the three seed in the Ben Hogan division, meaning they'd have to make it to the final four to have a chance. The only bad part of this? Marana doesn't have a lot of bars in the area, so Allenby might need something else to blame his eventual loss on.

2.) Scott McCarron versus Phil Mickelson -- While neither are even in the field, this would have been one for the ages. First, we'd be treading into "9 & 8" territory with Lefty, and I'm pretty sure neither would give the other a putt all day, maybe not even on the practice green. Can Shell's Wonderful World of Golf offer these two some cash for an exhibition? It would break The Golf Channel's rating system.

1.) Jesper Parnevik versus Tiger Woods -- Honestly, and this might show you how big of a golf dork I am, but just typing that made me giddy. Not only is there a chance for the first ever on course fight to break out (Vegas would probably set Tiger at -600), but we would even have bad blood between people following the match (pro-Tiger fans and guys that think he's a jerk now). If this match could occur, I'm fairly certain other players still in the event would drop out just to follow the ropes. Could you imagine the awkwardness of the handshake after Tiger wiped the floor with Parnevik 6 & 5?

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