‘Don’t worry about’ Tiger Woods; he’ll be at Augusta

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When he was carted and blimp-watched off the course at last week's WGC-Cadillac Championships last week, it sure didn't look like Tiger Woods was going to be back anytime soon. But then came the news that Woods' injury was only an Achilles tendon strain, and all of a sudden everybody with an investment in Tiger -- fans, networks, sponsors, the media, people who love to blame him as the root of all evil in the great game of golf -- exhaled a bit.

Breathe all the way out, friends. Tiger Woods will be back at Augusta. On Thursday morning, he confirmed to "Good Morning America" that he'll be playing the Masters. "I'll be there. Don't worry about it," he said. "I took a few days off. I'll start hitting balls tomorrow. The stiffness is gone. Hopefully, I'll be ready next week."

So he'll be back. Of course, he'll have to be prepared for another round of questions: This time, the question of whether he bailed out early on Doral because he wasn't playing well. But it wouldn't be a Masters without a Tiger controversy, would it?

Oh, and one interesting tidbit turned up by the AP: In Woods' return to Augusta in 2010, he shot all four rounds under par. That's the only time he's done that in ANY tournament post-hydrant. Interesting.

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