Does the new Tiger Woods Nike ad upset you? Come on, really?

As you may have heard, Tiger Woods is back at No. 1 in the world, all but definitively answering the "Is Tiger back?" question. The only strike that now remains against him, professionally speaking, is the lack of a major since that famed U.S. Open at Torrey Pines in 2008. Still, it's a hell of a turnaround, and Nike has commemorated Woods' achievement with an ad that succinctly sums up, well, America.

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Of course, this being America, somebody's going to get offended. Mashable rounded up a few examples of people (and if you look below this article, you'll see more) griping that the ad minimizes Woods' off-course exploits that cost him his family and, in all likelihood, much of the last few years of professional success.

Putting aside the fact that this is the Internet and people can find a way to get offended at anything up to and including puppies, ice cream and sunrises, there are two elements to this ad that the squalling detractors should remember:

1. Nike is doing this to get under your skin. Come on. They knew the sanctimonious types would get upset about this. It's just an ad, and moreover, it's an ad from Woods' own words at last year's Tour Championship. When asked whether he was concerned about Rory McIlroy, Woods responded that he was interested in "just winning. Winning takes care of everything."

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Plus, it's not like Nike's new to this rub-you-wrong Tiger Woods marketing. Remember the one from 2010 that used his late father's voice?

Yeah. There you go.

2. It's true. You know it's true. America loves a winner. And if Tiger wins the Masters in a couple weeks, well, most of America won't much care anymore what he did in the past. You are your most recent news report.

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