This documentary on golf in the Mumbai slums will make you appreciate the game even more

Devil Ball Golf

For all the cracks we make about this crazy game of golf, the fact is, we love it. It's the most beautiful sport in the world set in some of the most beautiful places, from Pebble Beach's famed 18th hole to Amen Corner at Augusta National.

But maybe the most honest place I've ever seen the game played? In this E:60 documentary about golf in Mumbai, India.

This eight minute short film goes into the slums of Mumbai to catch up with Anil Mane, a caddie at the exclusive Bombay Presidency Golf Club, who learned how to play the game with steel rods and plastic golf balls, playing through the slums of Mumbai in what can only be described as golf as it really, really was meant to be played.

We spend so much time focused on our adjustable drivers, shaft flexes and which golf ball fits our swing the best that we forget sometimes it's just nice to go out and slap the ball around.

That's what this documentary shows us, following Anil on his quest to be a professional golfer and showing just how much some of these people love the game of golf.

This weekend we will focus on guys battling for a $10 million bonus, but I think we can all agree that the love of the game is found all the way across the world in a slum where men are simply trying to find a way to get the ball in that makeshift golf hole as quick as possible.

h/t Curious About Golf

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