Devil Ball Proving Ground: Ping G25 Driver

Welcome to Devil Ball's Proving Ground, where we put the latest golf gear through its paces. Today, we look at the Ping G25 driver.

Tester — Shane Bacon — Handicap: +1.5

Target Golf Audience — All handicaps

Initial thoughts

Back when the i20 series for Ping came out, the matte black was introduced for a company looking to show all those colored drivers that the coolest color in the game might just be the one everyone overlooked. The Anser series followed and now we have the G25, Ping's latest driver that combines one of their most successful driver series with the new-age look.

The first thing I noticed was the aerodynamic look of the G25 compared to the Anser. The idea behind the G25 is to make a driver that any amateur would play, and any pro could use (Bubba Watson currently has this driver in his bag with a pink crown). It's Ping's longest head ever made, and when you hold it up and look at it straight away, you see how it almost has a racer's helmet look to it.

I've been a big fan of what Ping is doing with their metal-woods the last few years and this club is no different. It's good looking, it has plenty of technology backing it and it just looks like you can smash it miles down the fairway.

On-Course Thoughts

Like Ping's latest Anser, the Ping G25 is adjustable, allowing you to move your loft one-half degree, which is a nice addition if you aren't totally happy with your initial ball-flight (I adjusted mine on the course the first time I used it).

Like I said earlier, there is something about the matte black that just convinces you that you can crush the golf ball, and I noticed it right away. The longer head of the G25 almost gives the driver a reverse-arrow look behind the ball that helped me align the club better when playing it on the course.

I messed around with a couple of shafts to get the G25 dialed in, and once I had the right shaft I really felt like this was one of the perfect drivers for a guy like me.

Bubba moves every drive he hits and that's why he likes the G-series drivers, and I play golf a lot like that. I'm not much of straight ball hitters, so a golf club that I can spin helps keep me comfortable when I'm aligning myself down one side of the fairway hoping the ball will move the way I want it to move.

Face it, having confidence in a driver is one of the most important things to standing on a golf tee thinking you'll find the fairway, and the G25 gives that to me.

Final Verdict

Basically any club that Ping rolls out now is a winner. I had the i20 in my bag for months, loved the Anser with the painted scoring lines and solid feel and think the G25 is one of my favorite drivers I've ever hit.

Technology is always evolving, but I like what Ping has done in keeping the same theme around with their golf clubs as they roll out new ones. The G25 is one you should definitely check out if you're looking at new clubs because it's obviously more than just a sweet looking head.

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