Devil Ball Proving Ground: OGIO Chamber Golf Bag

Welcome to Devil Ball's Proving Ground, where we put the latest golf equipment through its paces. Today, we review OGIO's new Chamber golf bag.

Initial thoughts

First impressions are so important on the golf course, and before your opponents get a look at your clubs, they're looking at your bag. If you bust out some leather behemoth from the '90s, you'd better have a good story to go with it.

Still, outside of appearance, by and large bags are bags. They carry your goods in a hopefully efficient fashion. So there has to be something more that aesthetics to distinguish one bag from another, and in the case of OGIO's Chamber, that X factor is the "Silencer." The Chamber features 14 distinct holes for your clubs, each with a top and bottom membrane designed to hold your club in place and prevent that tac-tac-tac of club rattle as you drive from hole to hole. Does it work? Read on and see!

The bag is designed with the golf cart in mind, with easily reachable tees, divot/glove pockets, an insulated cooler pocket, and a very useful Zipperless Ball Pocket that makes grabbing a provisional a snap. In all, the bag has 10 pockets, nine of them zippered, including a fleece-lined valuables pocket.

You can get the bag in one of three finishes: Black Technical, Charcoal Burst or Chrome. All look fine in 2012, but I'm thinking the latter two aren't going to age well. Five years from now, those finishes could look as dated as '80s neon. Still, by then you'll be ready for a new bag, right?

On-course thoughts

This bag will shave ten strokes off your game! Nah, not really, I just wanted to give the OGIO folks a blurb to excerpt in their ads. It's a bag, friends. There's only so much it can do for you once you're on the course. However, this is where the ZBP comes in handy: if you skull a shot into the woods, you can grab another before your rage even subsides.

Once you get the clubs "seated" in the bag, you can indeed turn the bag upside down and not lose a single one. Think there aren't many occasions when you'll need this feature? You obviously have never bent a club throwing your bag into the trunk after a bad round. (On the flip side, if you pull a Tommy Bolt and decide to fling your entire bag into the drink, every single club will go with it.) And yes, the Silencer does quiet the club clack to a significant degree.

On the other hand, the insulated cooler pocket is rather small, and condensation built up around it in a hurry, though that's probably due to the Georgia heat rather than any kind of design issue. Also, if you do want to walk the course, be aware that this model has only a single strap.

Final verdict

The OGIO Chamber is a bag tailor-made, to coin a phrase, for the kind of obsessive golf enthusiast who likes to have a place for every bit of equipment, and every bit of equipment in its place. It's lightweight, sharp, and the "silencer" technology does a fine job of quieting club clank. Recommended.

Price: $259.99 at

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