Devil Ball Proving Ground: Odyssey Versa putter

Welcome to Devil Ball's Proving Ground, where we put the latest golf gear through its paces. Today, we look at Odyssey's Versa putter.

Tester — Shane Bacon — Handicap: +1.3

Target Golf Audience — All handicaps

Initial thoughts

The first thing any golfers wants with a putter is one that looks good. That's normally the rule of thumb with any golf club, but the putter is your last line of defense against a bogey and you have to enjoy the look before you enjoy the performance.

Taking the Odyssey Versa out of the box (I have the #1 black option), I was excited about the contrast in colors on the top of the head. It's a good looking putter to begin with, but something about the black-on-white-on-black had me excited.

The idea of the color contrast is to help you take the putter back and through on the same line. The slogan behind the Versa is that one degree off-line can be the difference between a made and missed putt and anyone that has played this silly game can agree on that. The Versa idea is to eliminate as many of those bad strokes as possible.

Before you take your putter to the course, you have to be confident that this is going to be the club to change it all for you, and the look of the Versa does that.

On-Course Thoughts

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love how much better I am at getting this putter on line than ones I've previously had in my bag. My biggest problem internally in my stroke is what the Versa has addressed, and the zebra-like colors really helps me get that putter back and through, especially on short putts.

I have always been confident that Odyssey can make a putter that feels solid, but to add a little extra to get you confident throughout your stroke is a bonus and added technology that one can use to your advantage.

They say the proof is in the pudding and I can honestly say in the last six weeks I've made more putts in little matches and money games than I have in as long as I can remember. I've always felt when your short game is on, it frees up your golf swing and allows you to shoot at more flags, take more chances with the confidence that even if you don't pull off the shot you can still get up and down for par, and while I have always felt like that with my chipping, it's the putting that lacked that "go for broke, it'll be okay" mentality. Now with the Versa I have that, and it's great.

Final Verdict

My Versa is firmly placed in my golf bag at the moment between a couple of wedges and will remain there until either I lose the putter or something really bad happens with my stroke that forces me to start putting side-saddle or something crazier.

I really can't think of a look I like better than the white that flashes back and through in your stroke with the Versa and once you "see" this it really helps with the alignment.

I'm all in on Versa, and think you should give it a shot if you are looking to make a putter switch (or just want to make more putts)., $169.99

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