Devil Ball Golfcast, episode 56: author Tom Callahan

Today we welcome author Tom Callahan to the Golfcast, talking of all things Tiger. Specifically, Tom has just published "His Father's Son: Earl and Tiger Woods," a book that examines in minute detail both the history of Earl Woods and the relationship between Earl and Tiger. As you'll hear, Earl Woods was quite the tale-teller, spinning stories about virtually every element of his life. He's the man who made Tiger Woods who he is, for both good and ill. And while the Thanksgiving Escalade wreck helped clarify some elements of Tiger's life, it actually had little impact on the book itself. Earl's work was evident both on and off the course. It's a fine book, and Tom gives us some excellent insight into who Tiger is now and who he could become in the years ahead.

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Devil Ball Golfcast, Episode 56 -- "His Father's Son" author Tom Callahan

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