Devil Ball Golfcast, episode 52: Of Cups Ryder and FedEx

The Ryder Cup is here! The Ryder Cup is here! We kick around what's always one of the best events of the golf season, even if it only comes around once every couple years. Who's going to step up, and who's going to fall apart? Who'll take the Cup (back) home and who'll go crying into their beer? We kick around that, as well as the FedEx Cup (remember that?) and try to stave off that feeling of dread now that we're facing a long, cold winter ahead ...

As always, I'm joined by Shane Bacon, writer here and at Dogs That Chase Cars. (Follow Shane on Twitter right here, and while you're there, follow me too.)

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Devil Ball Golfcast, Episode 52 -- Of Cups Ryder and FedEx

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