The Devil Ball Golf fashion issue!

If there is anything a golf writer knows about, it's fashion. We spend our weeks sporting the coolest and hippest outfits that would make Hollywood salivate over their iPhones. OK, maybe not ... but we do occasionally get to check out the newest styles in the game of golf, and as summer rolls around, we decided to share some of our favorite looks to sport on the links.

The Originals

You all know brands like Nike and adidas. They're like a home cooked meal; reliable, fresh and a look back into our past. I still remember how great it felt to sport the Swoosh when it first started focusing on this balata'd sport (thanks Tiger), and how guys like Sergio Garcia made adidas a household name to golfers.

But things are changing with both looks. From the samples I received from Nike and adidas, it seems it isn't just the PGA Tour golfers that are focused on fitness. While both brands still give you an assortment of comfortable shirts, the adidas Formotion line (above, right) helps the players that do enjoy spending time in the gym, and I was impressed at how well they were cut without looking too tight.

Nike has some options like this as well, and you can see a flare of guys like Anthony Kim and Johnny Vegas in their line with some of the brighter colors of the polos. I remember when Nike first came out with golf shirts, and their transition to now is incredible.

It isn't like someone needs to tell you to go buy these brands, they're always going to sell, but the new cuts are perfect for the summer because they breath well and give you an opportunity to sport those guns (not to mention the shorter sleeves allow your goofy golf tan to look a lot less ridiculous).

Also, the Nike Air Rate (above, middle) is a perfect shoe for anyone living in warmer climates, because the lighter weight and breezy fabric keeps your feet from completely giving up on you when you make the turn.

The Veteran

Play this game with me; when I say Ashworth, what do you think of? Fred Couples, maybe? An older generation? Something that a kid might buy their dad on Father's Day?

That won't be the case for long. Of all the samples I tried out, the new look from Ashworth was my favorite, and that's because they've made sure to focus on a younger generation that, frankly, wants to look good even if their golf game is bad.

From their seersucker shorts to the lightweight jackets, you can really see a solid influence into the Ashworth look, which has always been classy but now might even veer into the "hip" category.

The Newcomer

Who is the coolest golfer in the game right now? Bubba Watson. And what is the coolest new brand in golf? Travis Mathew. That's why it's incredible that they paired up together to make the brand even more popular. I asked a mini tour friend of mine which brand he'd sign with if they all offered him a deal, and without hesitation he blurted out, "Mathew."

The stuff just makes you feel like you're going to play good golf, and even if you don't, you'll look good for the cart girl. The Heather Grey V-Guile sweater (above, left) is one of my favorite things to wear on the golf course, and looks good in all the colors they offer, plus, their pants are nice enough to wear to a dinner party after you get done with 18.

As the brand expands, more and more people will be wearing it, but I'm already seeing the "TM" pop up in different places.

The Accessory

Face it, the cool thing to add to your attire is a belt. While Anthony Kim and Rory Sabbatini have made the flashy belt-buckle a regular item on the PGA Tour, some belt companies have worked hard to make their buckles just as cool.

That's why 59 Belts is what you want to sport with any outfit out there. The company asks you to measure your own waistline and submit an exact number so they can cut each belt to your perfect size, and the clean look of it fastened behind the belt buckle just adds to the professionalism of their accessories.

They're good from junior golfers to folks auditioning for the Champions Tour, and come in all sorts of colors, so if you feel like going yellow (guilty), they've got a belt for that.

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