New details on future Augusta National club are emerging

A couple weeks back, we told you about the new club planned for a far corner of the Augusta National grounds, the so-called "Berckmans Place," scheduled to be finished by the 2013 Masters.

New details are emerging, via the Augusta Chronicle, on the planned clubhouse, and you've got about enough time to raid that 401(k) right now to get the scratch together. It'll be the equivalent of those high-end stadium suites where you're in the stadium but actually watch the game on TV; you'll be on the grounds of Augusta but you won't be able to see any action ... of the golfing variety, at least. We can speculate that there will be plenty of wheeling and dealing taking place at Berckmans.

The two-story building will total 90,000 square feet including the basement, according to plans filed with Richmond County. (And if you've read Alan Shipnuck and Michael Bamberger's "The Swinger," you'll know that basements in Augusta can be very useful places indeed.)

Augusta National members and, in the Chronicle's words, "longtime business associates and friends of the club and tournament" will be able to buy badges to the facility for all of Masters Week. Sports Business Journal has estimated the passes will run $6,000 apiece. Yep. Start saving now.

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