Denver man busted for stealing $93,000 from golf courses

Question: how do you make almost $100,000 from the golf business without ever taking a swing? Just ask Marc Pierre Friel, who was the mastermind behind an eight month run that saw him steal more than $93,000 from various golf courses in Denver area. That's a lot of ProV1's.

Friel was arrested this week for stealing golf clubs, power tools and gasoline from various courses. Clearly, this guy wasn't just after top of the line clubs that he could turn for a small profit. Judging by the gas and power tools he stole, who knows, maybe he was trying to build his own golf course. Eh, maybe not.

Using his knowledge of security systems, Friel was able to gain access to golf courses in nine different towns. And he apparently did it alone. I'm not sure if there's a list of top golf thiefs, but if there is, this guy should probably be on the list.

As local Denver television station KDVR noted, the local police, with help from the Attorney General's office, were able to secure an indictment and take Friel down. The best part of the whole operation, however, was that the police dubbed it "Operation Caddy Shack."

You can't make this stuff up. Local police wouldn't confirm or deny that the arresting office screamed "It's in the hole" as he put the cuffs on Friel.

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