David Duval is a Perky Jerky kind of cat these days

Beef jerky infused with energy drink sounds like the kind of thing you'd dream up late at night after a bit too much of a good time. But since you didn't, somebody else did, and now they've earned enough coin off their idea to sponsor David Duval. (See? Wacky ideas can pay off.)

Anyway, Duval is now the proud standard-bearing sponsor of Perky Jerky, which simply has to be the best-named company to come down the pike in quite some time. It's billed as "ultra-premium jerky," which seems like a contradiction in terms, but whatever. The Perky Jerky logo will have a prominent place on Duval's bag, which means that you'll either see it a whole lot on Sundays or it'll be gone by Friday afternoon, no middle ground.

A few golf sites have had fun with the idea of a former world No. 1 getting sponsored by a product that sounds like a Spongebob Squarepants character. And sure, there are easy jokes to make, left and right. But hey, a brother's got to make a living. Sure, Perky Jerky is no Nike or Lexus, but they laughed when Walter Hagen got sponsored by some fizzy little syrup drink called "Coca-Cola," too.* Good on ya, Dave!

*-May not be entirely historically accurate.

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