Darren Clarke has not slept since you last saw him walking off 18

This is exactly how you should celebrate winning your first major: with beer, friends and a total lack of sleep.

Early Monday morning, Clarke returned to Royal St. George's for a press conference and a photo op, and as you can see there at right, he's got that hit-by-a-truck look that's characteristic of all the best parties.

"I have not been to bed yet," he said. "I probably won't get any sleep until tomorrow at some stage. You have to enjoy it while you can. It's been a very good night."

This was Clarke's 20th attempt at a British Open win, the longest anyone has played in this tournament before getting a victory (Nick Price previously held this distinction, winning it on his 15th attempt). And it was well-deserved, its outcome never really in doubt once Clarke made the turn.

Clarke's victory, the third major championship in 13 months for Northern Ireland, renews the push for a British Open at Royal Portrush. A lack of roads and accommodations has kept Royal Portrush out of the rotation since its lone Open Championship in 1951, but Clarke would like to see that changed. Of course, in his current state he'd probably also like to see Guinness served at every tee, so we need to perhaps give him a little time to dry out first.

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