Crime concerns force LPGA to postpone Mexico tournament

We think of golf as a refuge from the real world -- one of many reasons fairways generally don't run along highways, for instance -- but every so often, the real world forces its way onto the course.

Take, for instance, the case of the Tres Marias Championship. Held in Morelia, Mexico, the $1.3 million event's status was undetermined when the LPGA released its 2011 schedule. And now it's been determined, and now we know why.

In an interview with Waggle Room, LPGA commissioner Michael Whan noted that the LPGA officially decided to postpone the tournament due to a rise in drug-related violence in Mexico.

"As a father, I couldn’t say to other fathers, 'your daughter should go to Morelia,'" Whan said. "I feel the pressure of playing, but another pressure I never want to succumb to is making a dumb decision to put lives in jeopardy."

Solid long-term planning for some short-term pain. And the burden now falls to Mexico to secure a location that won't be subjected to potential violence. Overly cautious? Perhaps, but Whan has no interest in seeing the LPGA make worldwide headlines for the wrong reasons.

(Yes, yes, I know that's Tony Montana and he was Cuban and ran drugs through Miami. Poetic license.)

Drug-related violence forces LPGA to postpone Tres Marias golf tourney [Waggle Room]

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