'Of Course': Golf course chatter in all its filthy glory

One of golf's cognitive dissonances is the way that purists revere its traditions, history, pageantry, blah blah Masters piano theme blah, but the truth is that when you get out on the course with your friends, you're as nasty-mouthed as you were back in college. "Of Course," a new animated series premiering on FoxSports.com in March, nails that uniquely male-bonding brand of between-shot yapping perfectly. It's kind of like "The League" on a golf course -- and it's got potential.

The audio is a hard PG-13, probably NSFW unless you're the boss. So clear the young'uns and/or sensitive employees out of the room, and then see which of the four characters best matches you:

Check the "Of Course" Facebook page here for more info. (Visor tip: With Leather)

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