You could be America's next great golf writer

The life of a golf writer is a fine one, I'm not going to lie. Private jets to golf tournaments around the world, meals in the world's best restaurants, free rounds of golf at the best clubs ... yep, it's a dream.*

And now it's your turn. GolfWorld is offering you — yes, you! — a chance to become America's next great golf writer. It's very simple — write 800 words on a tournament of your choice between now and April 30, and if they decide your work is the best, presto, you're off to cover the Open Championship in Scotland this year! Sweet gig, huh?

So ... ready to step up? Think you can do it? Go here and check out the full details. And if you do make the cut, remember where you heard about it, willya?

*-Portions of this may or may not be true.

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