Condoleezza Rice hit spectator in head during first round of Pebble Beach Pro-Am

It's been a pretty incredible few months for Condoleezza Rice. The former secretary of state, along with Darla Moore, became one of two women accepted as members of Augusta National, a first for the home of the Masters, and she continued her golfing adventures this week at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Problem is, when you're at Augusta on a random Tuesday there aren't patrons lining the fairways watching you swing, but at a PGA Tour event, they are everywhere.

Rice hit a spectator on the sixth hole at Pebble Beach on Thursday after a bad swing went 50 yards into the gallery. The ball smacked the female fan in the forehead, causing what was later called concussion-like symptoms and while the lady that got hit wouldn't give her name, Rice got an assistant to get her number so she could later contact her to make sure she was alright.

>According to one report, Rice approached the woman and asked, "Did I hit you? It was a bad shot. I’m really sorry," which is probably as honest as most golfers get when they pull one badly into another fairway, but luckily it seems the lady will be alright.

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So now the questions remains, what does an amateur player give a spectator that they hit? Tiger Woods is famous for signing gloves when he hits spectators, but he gets those by the truckload from Nike and probably has 20 in his huge staff bag, but someone like Rice doesn't have gloves to give out. Does she just autograph the fan's ticket? Sign a gavel? Take a picture with the lady?

No matter, it's always interesting when things go sideways with the amateurs on the golf course. The good news for Rice? At least she didn't have as much trouble out of the bunker as one famous ESPN personality did.

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