Colin Montgomerie thinks Rory McIlroy should spend some time on Augusta’s 10th hole

No matter what Rory McIlroy does for the rest of his career, he'll always remember the 10th hole at Augusta National.

You know the hole ... it ultimately ended up costing McIlroy a Green Jacket, and a chance at two majors, when he hooked his tee shot into the trees and carded a triple-bogey on the 430-yard downhill par-4 last year.

McIlroy never recovered from the implosion and the rest, as they say, is history. But the great thing about playing Augusta National each year is you always have another chance to exact a bit of revenge on a particular hole.

Even if McIlroy doesn't end up winning the Masters, you can be sure if he makes it through the 10th unscathed over four straight days, he'll consider it a mini victory -- even if he doesn't admit it.

So what's the best way to make sure he's ready for the 10th? How about launching as many balls as possible off the tee during practice rounds.

At least that's what Colin Montgomerie suggested. Apparently unaware of the fact that he's choked away his fair share of majors, Monty made it clear that if Rory wants to move past last year's collapse, he needs to bring a bucket of balls out to the hole and work things out.

"I hope that he hits as many shots off that tee in practice as possible and gets it out of the way," Montgomerie told the Daily Telegraph. "That's the shot everybody will be focusing on come Thursday, and let's hope he gets rid of that. It was just a poor shot at the wrong time. He's a much more mature player than he was a year ago."

There's only one problem. Augusta National enforces a strict one ball rule during practice rounds -- even if players choose to ignore it. Ah well, I guess he won't be able to turn the hole into his personal driving range.

But with a U.S. Open win under his belt and some time spent at No. 1, you'd have to think nerves won't be as big an issue if he finds himself leading or in contention when he steps on the 10th tee this time around.

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