Colin Montgomerie sent Luke Donald's round into a tailspin

It's a fact of life that if you achieve a goal before the time allotted to do so, you'll spend the rest of that time screwing around and goofing off. It applies whether you're talking about high schoolers getting into college or baseball teams clinching the playoffs. And it happened to Luke Donald, too.

If you were paying attention to the Barclays last week, you noticed that Luke Donald played the front nine in an astonishing 28 -- that would be seven birdies in the first nine holes -- but all of a sudden completely imploded and shot the back nine in a cringe-inducing 40.

So what happened, bad hot dog at the turn? Nope, as it turned out, quite the opposite -- he got some very good news. He found out at the 10th hole that he'd made the Ryder Cup team. As he notes in his blog (via Waggle Room):

I was going along nicely, out in 28, then I found out – and I went to pieces! Talking to the other players, it would have been nice to have the decision made on the Monday. Maybe it’s something that can be reviewed and see if it can be changed. It was definitely a little distracting to the guys playing over in the Barclays. It’s a logical answer for the two captains to pick the teams at the same time, so there’s no advantage, perceived or not.

Yep, Colin Montgomerie just plopped his big ol' butt right in the middle of the Barclays for his announcement, and it clearly messed with the head of at least one competitor. Had Donald finished a few strokes better, he'd be in much better shape to take home that $10 million FedEx Cup. But, yeah, it was definitely worth that for Monty to interrupt his round.

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