Colin Montgomerie isn't big on the kids' disco music

I have immense respect for anybody good enough to play golf at the highest level, but I'm not going to lie to you -- I really love seeing Colin Montgomerie totally lose his mind. Happens about once a week, so it's a nice regular occurrence. He's so temperamental, he got the Ryder Cup captaincy in a year when the event was in Europe, since he'd probably explode in apoplectic fury if he had to deal with the galleries in the States.

Anyway, Monty was playing in the Spanish Open on Thursday and playing pretty well, too. He was on the 18th green, looking to birdie and get to only four shots off the lead. But suddenly, in a moment straight out of "Caddyshack," music began blasting from a nearby tent. (The Reuters report called it "disco" music, but since this isn't 1977, I'm going to assume that it was something a bit more contemporary. Grunge? Electronica? Hair metal?)

Whatever the genre, the music totally disrupted Monty and he three-putted for bogey. "Is this a [profane]ing party or a golf tournament?" Monty seethed afterward. (Wait, there's a difference?)

Anyway, yes, that sucks for Monty -- but let's be honest, it's a lot funnier because it's Monty. He's six strokes off the lead, yes, but he's also got half of Europe's best golfers kissing his butt so that he'll name them a captain's pick. So I think he'll be okay.

Also, I gotta say this -- I cannot wait for the Ryder Cup. If the betting sites don't have a "Will the top of Monty's head blow off?" play, they need to set it up, pronto. (Or maybe not -- is there anybody who'd bet "no"?)

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