Colin Montgomerie continues to ignore Nick Faldo

The 2008 Ryder Cup was a benchmark for the United States team. Never had the Europeans won four cups in a row, and Sir Nick Faldo had a chance to do just that, but failed at Valhalla. Faldo, the European captain that year, made some questionable decisions that whole week, and after losing was dubbed that side of the pond's Hal Sutton.

So, what better person to give the new European captain advice than Faldo, right? Of course not. But Faldo thinks that Colin Montgomerie, the captain this year for the Europeans, is ignoring his request to help out, and went vocal with his disgust this weekend in Germany.

"I didn’t want just to make my views known to him through the media," said Faldo, who quit the German tournament on Friday after missing the cut.

"So I wrote to Monty three weeks ago suggesting we meet up for a chat, but I have not had a reply. I don’t think I need say any more than that. It says it all."

When the word came to Colin, he simply answered, "I think Nick missed out here so I don’t know what he is doing."

It is interesting to think that these two names would butt heads, but just take a moment to look at the personalities of both and it doesn't seem so strange. Faldo was never the most cordial of pro golfers, and only recently seemed to relax when it came to the media (you could compare him to Charles Barkley if you wanted; a guy that only started warming up to the microphone when the company behind that mic started to send the checks). Monty seems to walk around with a constant scowl, and is the last person I could think of in the golf world that would want advice about something he is in charge of captaining.

No matter, when people like this start complaining to the media, it usually leads to something fairly entertaining happening. Keep it up, Nick and Colin. I'm sure Corey Pavin is sitting back enjoying it all.

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