The Clown's Mouth: Are the LPGA shorts getting too short?

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• When are golf shorts too short? When they're worn by PGA Tour players, I'd say the line is the ankle. But over on the LPGA, things are getting a mite "cheeky." (Hey, don't blame me. I didn't come up with that pun.) [Golfweek]

• Running down the good, the bad and the ugly of the Tiger Woods statement. And hey, not only did Devil Ball get a mention, one of YOU commenters got a call-out! (Lesson: people are watching, so learn to spellcheck and use those commas, folks.) [Press Tent]

• Rain could be in the forecast for this weekend's Waste Management Open. Again. Enough with the freakin' rain! We want some golf! [Local Knowledge]

• Visor tip to Paul Casey. Dude can't close out an Accenture Match Play, but he can give $100,000 to charities through the Houston Golf Association. Nice gesture. []

• A couple new golf TV shows are making their way to your consciousness soon, but if you're one of those tweedy types who prattles on about the sanctity of the game, you'll want to skip 'em. [Waggle Room]

• Holy tea and crumpets! The British have three of the top six golfers in the World Rankings! This cannot stand! [The Golf Channel]

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