Clown's Mouth: Ishikawa skips tourney for graduation? Priorities!

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Ryo Ishikawa will be skipping the WGC-CA Championship at Doral because he's attending his graduation. What kind of excuse is that, huh? Oh, and it's his high-school graduation. Yes, you're old. [Golfweek]

• Bill Simmons and Rick Reilly talk Tiger on Simmons' BS Report podcast. Fine gentlemen and quality writers both, but a half-hour of them self-righteously chewing over the same angles we've been discussing for months here makes me want to take Ambien and hit myself in the face with a 9-iron. [The BS Report; iTunes link]

• What are the five greatest golf video games? Sorry, folks, "Naughty LPGA" and "Tiger's Juggle-The-Mistresses Fiesta" didn't make the cut. [Dude, Where's My Par?]

• What kind of effect has the Tiger Woods story had on the state of American media? According to one observer, a very, very bad one. Um ... sorry? [American Journalism Review]

• Trophies are nice, but what really separates the champions from the everyday pros is simple: you've got to have your own line of wine. [Golfweek]

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