Clown's Mouth: Charl Schwartzel goes for the tourney hat trick

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• Strange but true: South African golfer Charl Schwartzel could become the first player in 24 years to win three straight European Tour events. Charl (leave off the -es for "extra savings") has won the Africa and Joburg opens, and now heads to Abu Dhabi to match the feat of Seve Ballesteros. Go Charl! [Reuters via Yahoo! Sports]

Doug Barron got kicked off the PGA Tour for a year over violations of the Tour's anti-doping policy, violations that led to many more questions about the Tour itself than answers. Barron protested his innocence, but with no options, he's playing on the eGolf Professional Tour, an 18-tournament mini-tour. [AP via Yahoo! Sports]

• Good news! You play in the qualifier for the Sony Open, and manage to win your way into the field! Bad news! Some cranky old guy you beat by two strokes whines that your grooves might not be compliant! Good news! They are compliant, and you're cool! Bad news! Jerks like this old guy infest golf courses all over the planet! [Dogs That Chase Cars]

• Sunday was a landmark day in golf history -- Nicklaus, Watson and Palmer all won. Sure, Jack and Tom won a Champions skins match, and the Palmer was Ryan, not Arnold, but still ... kind of cool. [Honolulu Star-Bulletin]

• Fifty bucks if you can guess what player and what shot set off all the groove changes. It was more than 20 years ago, and the player was a journeyman who would go on to win the British Open. [Lake County Record-Bee]

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