The Clown’s Mouth: Will Tiger and Stricker have any juice?

Rounding up some midweek links to keep you up with what's new in the golf world. Enjoy, and feel free to hold court in the comments below.

• For years, the Tiger Woods/Steve Stricker pairing was straight money. But with one injured and the other off-track, will they be anything close to that come Presidents Cup time? [CBS Sports]

• Did Graeme McDowell have a role in Rory McIlroy's split with manager Chubby Chandler? OMG! He says no, but do we believe him? [Reuters]

• There are worse things than rain delays: A Japan LPGA event against South Korea in Bangkok has been canceled due to flooding in the area. [AP via Yahoo! Sports]

• The PGA Tour's average driving distance has gone up and over 290 yards. So much for rules to keep driving distance in line, huh? [Geoff Shackelford]

• Has any LPGA player ever had a more dominant year than Yani Tseng this year? Just one. Who could it be? [Mostly Harmless]

• The PGA Tour is defending how it handled the extension of the Player of the Year voting. Well, trying to, anyway. [Waggle Room]

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