The Clown’s Mouth: Phil Mickelson might want to thank Rees

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Rounding up some links for your weekend to keep you up with what's new in the golf world. Enjoy, and feel free to hold court in the comments below.

• Great find by Steve Elling over at CBS: after ripping Rees Jones-designed courses earlier this week, Phil Mickelson must now come to terms with the fact that most of his best finishes of the last few years have been at ... Rees Jones-designed courses. Whoops. [CBS Sports]

• The talented Louise Friberg will be retiring from tournament golf, but hopefully still writing. [Mostly Harmless]

• What the hell? Matt Kuchar could win the FedEx Cup without winning a tournament? Oh, this won't do. Rework the stats, stat! [New York Times]

• Geoff Ogilvy really, really wants to get onto the Presidents Cup team. Man, he's fallen far fast, hasn't he? [Golf By TourMiss]

• You know who never even thought of using a belly putter? Putting maestro Dave Stockton, that's who! Back in his day, they used to putt with tree limbs, and they liked it! [Golf Channel]

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