The Clown’s Mouth: Golfers don’t have the edgiest musical tastes

Devil Ball Golf

Rounding up some midweek links to keep you up with what's new in the golf world. Enjoy, and feel free to hold court in the comments section.

• This is painful to watch: golfers and their musical choices. Sure, Hunter Mahan and Rickie Fowler are reasonably up to date, but man ... we've got some serious whitebreads in our pro ranks. [Press Tent]

• "A Walk In The Park" gives the best sportswriting award for 2011 to CBS's Steve Elling. Well deserved. [A Walk In The Park]

• The States will be seeing a lot more of Rory McIlroy next year. He'll be trying to juggle play in both the United States and Europe, and if anybody can do it, he'd be the dude. [Golfweek]

• For most of the golf world, the Chevron is an end-of-season quickie. For Tiger Woods, it's a real shot at redemption. Will victory come back this week? [Local Knowledge]

• The Presidents Cup is coming back to Canada ... in, uh, 2031. Which means that it's possible some of the contenders in that particular match haven't even been born yet. []

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