The Clown’s Mouth: Brandt Snedeker will borrow your clubs and win with them

Who's got time to read an entire article? Not us, that's for sure. So here's a whole bunch of golf news in nice, easily digestible chunks. Enjoy.

• No clubs? No problem for Brandt Snedeker, who's playing at the Volvo Match Play Championships with just 10 clubs in his bag, all of them borrowed from others. Yeah, you're out of excuses. [Golf Channel]

• Dan McLaughlin, whom we talked to a few months back, is putting in 10,000 hours of work to become a PGA Tour-level golfer. Here's how it's going so far. [CBS News/Geoff Shackelford]

• Courtesy of our pals at Bogey Pro Golf, here's an ad for a great new swing aid (may not be available near you):

• Jason Day has played the 18th at TPC Four Seasons nine times, and he's put it in the water four times, including Thursday's Byron Nelson round. Here's predicting he uses a putter off the tee there from now on. [Yahoo! Sports/PGA Tour]

• The last guy penalized for slow play on the PGA Tour? Glen Day at the Honda Classic ... back in 1995. Oh yeah, they're taking this problem VERY seriously. [AP/Yahoo! Sports]

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