Christina Kim kicks up a little officiating controversy on Twitter

Are you on Twitter? If not, you know about it, right? Instant blast messages from your computer or phone to the entire planet. And that kind of stuff can get you in a lot of trouble in a hurry. (Ever wondered what would happen if you Tweeted fake distress messages from a plane? Uh ... no, me neither. Of course not.)

Anyway. Christina Kim is over in France for the Evian Masters, and having a fine old time, judging from her always-interesting Twitter feed. But things took a turn for the controversial Friday morning when she dropped this little bombshell:

I was just told someone very prominent in the future of the LPGA-a young major winner, said to one of our rules officials "go f-word a tree" that is just inappropriate,rude,unprofessional,and just bc she dropped off the leaderboard doesn't mean she should say that. I spit on her

Who was it? Let the speculation begin! Kim continued:

I think players should be barred from the tour for speaking to an official in that manner. That and a big old smack from me, across her face

And from there, matters started to spin. Accusations and assumptions flew, and reputations started getting dirtier than Gulf beaches. So Kim followed up with some damage control:

Just spoke with the rules official, and they said that was not exactly what was said. So let us stop assuming. But regardless, the officials have the most thankless job on tour, we would be in a world of chaos without them!


Ok folks, stop naming names. Its NOT PC, bc I would have said RECENT major winner. And "young" is all relative. Young might mean 37yrs old

By "PC," obviously she means Paula Creamer. So, yeah, there are plenty of possibilities as to the identity of the mysterious official-curser. Any ideas? Purely for entertainment purposes, of course.

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