Chi-Chi Rodriguez hit himself in the leg with a ball during ‘Big Break’ cameo

One of the coolest golf tricks anyone ever pulled off was done by Chi-Chi Rodriguez. The now 78-year-old golfer would set up two golf balls next to each other, take a full swing with the first one and hit a nice cut, then as quick as Usain Bolt is off the blocks, Rodriguez would twirl around and hit the other ball, this time with a hook, and every so often the balls would collide in mid-air.

I bet Rodriguez's leg wishes he was trying that trick when he made a cameo on The Golf Channel's "Big Break." Rodriguez was on to try the "shattered glass" challenge, and as his ball barely missed the glass, it hit something solid and came screaming back at him, nailing him in the leg and causing the cast of the show to make sure the golf legend was alright.

Chi-Chi appeared to be okay, but it was a scary situation for a moment and it poses the question that I first wondered when watching this video - is it appropriate to yell "FORE!" when you're about to get hit by your own ball?

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