Cheech? Einstein? Facial-hair options of Tiger Woods

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There's no athlete this side of Tom Brady who gets more scrutiny for something as simple as a hairstyle than Tiger Woods. Golf Digest commemorates his return to competitive golf this week with this hypothetical "what should Tiger grow?" montage. (We're partial to the "Cheech Marin" ourselves.)

And you too can get in on the fun. Download Golf Digest's November issue via their iPad app and design your own Tiger Woods look. (Send it to us at and we'll run it.) And while you're there, check out Dan Jenkins' take on Mr. Woods' follical follies:

"What is it with Tiger and facial hair, anyhow? Does he want his face to feel like his golf ball does in the rough? Does he think he needs a disguise in case he hits one of his wild hooks or soaring slices? Is he going for Low Homeless?"

Welcome back, Tiger. Oh, how we've missed you so!

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