Check out Tiger Woods’ recruitment letter from Stanford

Back in 1989, Tiger Woods was just 14-years-old, but that didn't stop Stanford from reaching out to the golf phenomenon and trying to get some early love from the future major winner.

Tiger listened to what coach Wally Goodwin had to say, and Jay Yarow at the Business Insider has photo evidence of the initial exchange between top university and top junior golfer.

Goodwin sent Woods this letter, letting him know about the academic requirements at Stanford and pushing Tiger to achieve both a high GPA and solid scores on the SAT to land a spot at Stanford.

The partnership between Stanford and Tiger worked out great, with Woods winning his first ever college start and taking home the individual national championship in 1996.

The letter is a cool piece of memorabilia considering how great Woods has turned out to be in the professional ranks, but as as 14-year-old he was simply trying to figure out which college he would eventually enroll at.

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